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  • Come Paint on Lotus Leaves!

    Do you believe in life after work?

    A creative and explorative workshop integrating therapeutic art with an approach of mindfulness practices.
    Discover how you can create something with imagination, color, and your hands. You will paint on a canvas that is covered with natural dried lotus leaves. The existing leaf structure allows you to immerse yourself and enjoy the process of painting and concentrate entirely on your color inspirations.
    The technique is easy to implement without any previous artistic knowledge or experience.


    Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing zen time at Himapan Studio!

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    Painting on real Lotus leaves
    80.00 - 250.00
    A therapeutic art activity that is great for relieving stress. We show how to paint on real lotus leaves in a very relaxing way, using different techniques.

    To take part in a workshop, you just need to pick a date and an Lotus leaf panel.

    Participants will be given a Lotus leaf canvas and a variety of materials will be available for using in the workshop.
    No previous experience is necessary.
    Just remember to bring yourself and an open mind!
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    • To book a class, the bearer simply needs to email us at himapan.sg@gmail.com with the serial number of the voucher.
    • All vouchers are valid for 3 months from date of issue
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