• Collaborations

  • Original and unique pieces of Art

    Exclusive decoration for your interior

    We are here to help.

    We work together with individuals, businesses, hotels, spas, interior designers to create THAT piece of art that complements your interior.

    We take a "personal shopper" approach with our clients when you can't find what are you looking for.
    For a birthday, wedding, baby shower or any other occasion, order your bespoke painting according to the sizes and colors you like and let Himapan's artists create your masterpiece.

    The Himapan team are more than happy to help with your enquiry.

  • Participation in the staging of their world-renowned incense paper by Papier d'Armenie Singapore.
    An original painting decorates the walls of the ML's studio as unique as their precious creations.
    Himapan creations for all the luxurious pool villas in Phuket.
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