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What's New for Spring 2018!

New Studio, New Workshops...

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We are gearing up for our Spring 2018, which begins Monday, April 16th! We have some returning classes as well as some brand new ones for you to check out!

New Studio

Himapan installs it's studio at Citilink Warehouse Complex. We will be back to a regular and limited schedule of select dates and times.
Pre-registration is still required for all workshops but NOW you can book your canvas online.

New Workshops

Kids and Teens workshops will meet every other Saturday from 9:30am -12:30pm.

K!ds Art Workshop - Age 9 - 12
Teens Art Workshops - Age 13 and up.

This year we have created two workshops for our younger students. These workshops are designed to engage and foster creativity in your children. We offer two different age groups so that the activities offered are appropriate for each group.

This workshop is designed to encourage creative thinking and self expression in school age children age 9 up to around 12 years old.
Our projects will be very open ended and process based. Children will be encouraged to follow their own natural curiosity as they explore the materials and the many creative possibilities each material provides.

Teens (13 years +) may come in and work independently on their own art and explore various mediums. This is a perfect time to work on portfolio building!
We will be on hand for consultation and basic direction but this time is intended to be largely self guided because we feel that a key to successful choice in art is in learning the capabilities and limitations of the various materials.

*Due to the limited schedule of select dates and times, booking or pre-registration is required for all workshops.

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