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Lotus Painting

Discover how you can create something with imagination,

color and your hands.

In this Asian painting technique you work on boards that are covered with natural dried lotus leaves. There is no blank sheet in front of you. The existing leaf structure allows you to immerse and enjoy the process of painting and concentrate entirely on your color inspiration. The end result is a beautiful painting created by your own hands. The technique is easy to implement without any previous artistic knowledge or experience.

In 3 steps to the finished canvas

1- Choose a canvas
2- Choose a colors
3- Paint your lotus leaves

You don't need to draw or paint to create your masterpiece. We will guide you from the beginning with tips and assistance to help you create your design, color mixing, etc during the workshop. For a painting the size of 48 × 48 cm or 40 × 90 cm you will need about 3 hours.

Since most are painted with oil paint, your artwork needs about 7 days drying time. You can decide if you want to dry it in the Studio and put it on a long-lasting protective varnish, or if you want to take your work home and graduate at home.

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